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October 22nd, 2014 at 05:02 am

Hi Everyone!

I haven't updated lately. I went on a business trip last week and put all my expenses on my rewards card and expect to be reimbused on Friday. With that debt sitting on my credit card though, it makes my credit card debt look slightly inflated.

I entered the amount that I expected to get back from my reimbursement into my YNAB register and used it to pay off that money that I spent. So when I do get the reimbursement, I'll send it all straight to the credit card.

DH also got his tooth taken care of, so that took about $400, which I had expected and budgeted. I told him that I'll be setting aside $50 each month for the dentist going forward, so he'll just have to wait until we have enough to do the next tooth. He's more interested in paying off our credit card debt right now as well, so at least we're on the same page.

His school tuition payment came out for $1 more than I had budgeted (my mistake, it came out for the same exact amount last month, so just an oversight on my part), so I took that $1 from his school books and moved it there. Not a big deal. Sometimes those things just happen.